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Need proofreading on a lowwwwww budget?

How does $1 per error sound?

If you are involved in online publishing and have been foregoing or underutilizing proofreaders in this brave new online world, this editing service is for you.

Since you have downsized your use of proofreading, I’m offering a way to have your cake and eat it too.

Instead of employing a team of proofreaders you pay by the hour, you can elect to pay by the error.


There may be a nasty error lurking in your online content of which a screenshot is circulating. Your company could be a laughingstock online, vilified in social media memes that go viral. Don’t take that chance!


Errors in your copy make one wonder if there are *also* errors in your product, your prices, your delivery, your responsiveness, and your trustworthiness — especially when it comes to ecommerce websites. In fact your customers are likely to be hyper-alert for such problems after noticing sloppy work on your website, and they’ll be quick to complain and quicker to publicize their complaint.


$1-per-error proofreading from HireAProofreader.com.

When you pay proofreaders by the error, they have more incentive to find *every* error!

And if you have challenges getting updates made to your website, we have a solution for that problem, too.

We’ll be happy to implement our corrections for you at no extra charge. This is useful if you have lost track of your web designer or he/she is too busy. You’ll avoid the common problem of web designers who introduce new mistakes when making corrections. You’ll also avoid paying our follow-up fee. So you’ll save money if you allow us to make the changes for you, directly in your web pages. We do it right the first time!

Webwordsmiths.com has a unique deal for anyone who publishes unique content on the Internet and wants to increase their credibility and trustworthiness. We’re offering $1-per-error pricing on proofreading. Our base price per page is $5, which we’re waiving as an introductory offer to try our service.

If you were wishing you could afford to hire a proofreader to give your website some extra professionalism and polish, your dream has come true!

Want to learn more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us if you have questions that still need answers!