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Q. Why are your prices so low?
A. It started out as an experiment, but it turned out to work well for its intended market. When you think about it, the dollar stores must be doing something right!

Q. How does it work? What types of content do you edit?
A. We aren’t editors, strictly proofreaders. If you’re in need of a copyeditor, our parent company is Webwordsmiths.com, which supplies writers and editors for online work.

Q. Okay, so I have a paper that I need proofread.
A. We proof only online work. It can be in a secret staging area, but it must be accessible via the Internet.

Q. Why do you proof only online work?
A. Our $1-per-error business model depends on being able to verify that the corrections our customers decline are not later corrected, in which case we do charge a 50-cent-per-correction premium.

Q. My paper is published at http://_________________________. Please proof.
A. Okay, we’ve sent you our report, which caught 25 errors.

Q. What do I do next if I agree with all 25 corrections?
A. Just let us know and we’ll send our invoice for $25.

Q. What if I agree with 20 corrections but I’m going to pass on 5?
A. Then we’ll send an invoice for $20 instead of $25.

Q. What if I paid $20 for 20 corrections, but decided at the last minute to go ahead and make the other 5 corrections too?
A. No problem. We’ll send an invoice for $7.50.

Q. Why $7.50 and not $5.00, as originally charged?
A. This premium fee of $1.50 per error assures full and careful consideration is given to our recommended corrections. Your feedback is essential to our continuing improvement.

Q. It’s been a while since I was your customer. One of the pages in the contract needs to be moved. I know I signed an agreement to always furnish the current web address, so how do I do that?
A. Just email us!

Q. I like all your suggested corrections for my website, and I’ve already paid for all of them. The only trouble is, I don’t have a webmaster to make the corrections for me. Do you know of any freelancer you could recommend?
A. As it happens, at least one member of our group has the capability to edit any web page. The fee will depend on the website’s platform.